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Welcome to Theduganeffect.com. If your here, it means you're a Dugan fan. I am so proud of you! This web site was a Christmas present from Kevin and I am doing my best to make something useful out of it (again).

Photo Gallery

Theduganeffect.com Photo Gallery is a way for me to share my pictures with everyone. This is where you can see and comment on my albums. This is constantly being updated so check back often!


Theduganeffect.com Blog is where I record my thoughts and clear my mind. You will find a frequent and chronological publication of my comments and thoughts. My blog is will usually include philosophical reflections, my opinions, and my view on social and political issues.


Theduganeffect.com Calendar is a way to keep track of all the events in my life. This way I can coordinate schedules with friends and family, and find new things to do.


So you think I am worth contacting? Theduganeffect.com Contact page will tell you the best ways to get ahold of me.